The frugal and environmentally conscious recycle cotton packing materials as a beauty supply.

One of the many things I appreciate about Life Extension brand supplements is the 100% cotton padding material found in each bottle.

Not only does cotton have a job protecting its container’s contents, but it offers a gift for the frugal and environmentally conscious. Upon opening, I make sure to place my fresh wad of cotton in a bathroom apothecary dispenser, re-using pieces torn from it for applications of witch hazel astringent toner at the end of my day.

Of course, the bottle (and its cap) are recyclable too. When I’m choosing between two brands similar in terms of quality and price, my ability to re-cycle in this way is always my tie-breaker.

Thanks, Life Extension, for helping us save the planet and money at the same time.

Author: Catherine Crandall

Someone who loves spending time outdoors and believes in taking personal charge of my health, I'm Amlia's founder. Designer of Amlia, now available during beta test at and for mobile devices in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Amlia is a vitamin & dietary supplement management tool. Like a pill organizer, but designed for the unique needs of supplement users.

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